PhD by Publication

A Ph.D. by publication is a postgraduate research degree that’s based on research you’ve already undertaken and have potentially already published.

You already have years of expertise in your field. We’re here to recognize that. 

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) by publication is a research-only degree that requires no coursework. Students will complete their degree program by one of the following:

Previously-published work: 

Peer-reviewed academic papers, complete books or chapters in anthologies, and any other materials accepted for publication, exhibited or performed are eligible. In addition, these materials will be accompanied by a commentary of 5,000-10,000 words, which outlines your work’s coherence, significance and contribution to knowledge.


For students who do not have published works, an extended dissertation with a topic (approved by CTS faculty) within your field of expertise may be drafted and submitted in lieu of coursework. The dissertation will be at minimum 30,000 words and will be reviewed by CTS faculty.

Program Requirements:

– Christians who already hold a master’s-level degree from a Bible College or Seminary.

– A minimum of five years of ministry experience related to the degree which they seek to earn.

– Be a minimum of 30 years old.

Application and Acceptance Process:

Before applying to CTS, PhD by Publication student candidates must email with the following information: 

– A resume and the names of two references

– A title of the proposed doctorate degree (e.g. PhD in Christian Counseling)

– A listing of published work – or – a one-two paragraph description and title of the candidate’s proposed dissertation topic. (The candidate’s resume should show significant experience in the area of which they wish to write the dissertation.) 

After a review of the information provided, CTS will notify the candidate whether or not he or she is invite to apply to the program. 

Upon acceptance to the program, the student will submit all qualifying work as prescribed by the requirements of the degree program. After all requirements are met and publications are reviewed by CTS faculty, the student’s degree will be conferred. 

There is no time limit to complete the publication work after enrollment.


The following costs constitute the entire program for the PhD by Publication:

(Prices are listed in U.S. Dollars ($ USD)

– Application for Admission: $75.00

– Publication Review & Grading Fee: $2,000.00

– Graduation Fee: $250.00

TOTAL COST: $2,325.00

It’s time to get started on the path to success. Apply today.

Additional Information

Flexible payment options for the PhD by Publication degree is available to students, including payment plans, paid-in-full discounts, and pay-as-you-go options. Limited scholarships are also available. Click here to view our Tuition & Fees page.

Program Enrollment:

Enrollment at CrossPointe Theological Seminary takes place on a rolling basis, meaning you can begin your program as soon as your application is approved.