Student Honor Code

Honor and personal integrity are core values at CrossPointe Bible College.  We aspire to create a community of trust among our students, faculty, and staff in which a spirit of respect and free inquiry are cherished.

Working together with our student-run Honor System, the faculty and administration are committed to authentic learning in our disciplines and to helping our students develop their own personal integrity.

Honor Pledge

The Honor System applies to every student who is enrolled at CrossPointe Bible College. Accordingly, every student shall be required to verify acceptance of the Honor Pledge for each course they take.

“I, as a member of the CrossPointe Bible College community, pledge not to lie, cheat, or steal and to actively contribute to a community of trust. I understand that honor is a way of life at CBC and that my words and deeds impact the lives of others. As a CBC student, I therefore promise to hold myself to the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all that I do and say.

I further pledge that I will endeavor to create a spirit of honor, both by upholding the Honor System myself and helping others to do so.”


When enrolling in courses, students agree to the following statement: 

“I hereby declare upon my word of honor that I have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this work.”